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Last month I talked about why you need an online portfolio, and all of the tools available to you in order to create one. However, this month I wanted to expand on these tools. Not everyone is technology literate. When others talk in code it might confuse the crap out of some, but creating a website doesn’t really have to be hard. Learning code can be fun and easy!

Technology is everywhere around us, and if you want to be on top of your game then you need to take hold of these technological resources and learn everything that you can. IT Training offers instructor led courses about nearly everything software and hardware related that you need to know. They have offices at IUB and IUPUI, and offer in class and online workshops (aka classes you can take in your PJs). The best part–these workshops are absolutely free for all faculty, staff, and students. Since it’s free, you might as well take advantage of it right?!

So, you’re looking to build a website but know nothing about coding. The first step is to figure out your budget. If you’re interested in building a generic site and possibly have a few bucks to spend then look into Squarespace or You’ll need to pay a hosting fee, but having the ease of not knowing any code and still creating a site is sometimes worth it.

If you’ve got nothing to spend, then consider learning a bit of code and taking advantage of IU’s free resources. IT Training offers courses in HTML & CSS, and even offers some amazing courses about some cool software like Dreamweaver CC that could really help you out. After you learn some of the basics that can help you create a killer website and portfolio, then look into IU’s hosting software and see if it’s right for you.

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Danyell Bailey

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