9 Things Acceptable During Finals Week

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Finals are hands-down one of the worst things to happen to a person. Before you consider that a little too dramatic – consider the following. Sleep becomes about as necessary as flossing, nutrition is a joke, and the mental and emotional breakdowns are more than accepted in any type of public environment. For one week we endure blood, sweat, and tears. (less emphasis on the sweat because who has time to workout this week) The struggle is real.

​9 things only acceptable during finals week

  1. Sleeping in public places: This is probably one of the oddest things for prospective students and campus visitors to see. But every finals week, students will be scattered around campus catching a quick snooze. From the couches in the Union, to hallways in Ballentine and Kelley, a nice snooze is always accepted.

Little girl going to sleep quickly

  1. Crying in public:Crying is inevitable during finals week. But why hide those tears until you’re safe at home or in the shower? Finals week allows publicly breaking down more than socially acceptable. Are you somewhere on campus? Let it all out. Are you off-campus? That’s fine, they’ll understand. (sometimes you just have to cry in the middle of the UPS store)

Opra crying

  1. Ditching all personal hygiene: There’s very little time for anything not pertaining to studying or office hours. Sadly, showering takes a backseat on the To Do list. There’s definitely not enough time to shampoo and condition. Any extra time in the day will be devoted to sleeping. Greasy hair is the finals week trend this semester, so embrace it.


  1. Stress eating: Because of the stress, lack of time, and sadness, we need a pick-me-up. Often this pick-me-up is deep fried, covered in chocolate, or loaded with carbs. Calories don’t count during finals week, so order a large personal pizza followed by a delivery of Baked. I once saw a girl order a large pizza at Wells and finish the whole things. I’ve never been so inspired by someone.

LIttle girl eating a lot of spaghetti

  1. Wearing Pajamas to class: Maybe you don’t have any clean clothes, or maybe you just wanted to be comfy and cozy. Either way, PJ’s in public are completely okay. God forbid you’re wearing them because you overslept for an exam, but regardless of the situation and motive behind the PJ’s, it’s not only accepted but it’s encouraged.

I'm wearing pajamas

  1. Over-caffeinating: Is 3 venti coffees, 2 Red Bulls, and a diet coke too aggressive for one girl, on one day? Absolutely not. My shaking hand may say “I’m unsteady”, but my under-eye bags scream “I need energy.”

Man drinking coffee

  1. Demanding care-packages: Nothing is better than getting a notification of a package delivery; ESPECIALLY on finals week. A simple box with some good snacks, gift-cards, and candy will fill your heart with joy. No one knows how vital care package are during finals, so go ahead and hint at the potential gesture.

An excited baby

  1. Avoiding illness: Finals week is the prime time for sickness and spreading of germs. The lack of sleep, unhealthy habits, and changing weather make it hard to avoid. There’s nothing wrong with protecting yourself this finals week! Is your roommate sick? Make that germ-liability wear a face mask.

Hey Arnold sick

  1. Cutting off social contact: “I’m sorry for the way finals are making me act.” I’d rather not yell at you, cry around you, or overwhelm you with my stress. For that reason, it’s best if we don’t speak this week. “If you can’t handle me on finals week, you don’t deserve me on syllabus week.”

I don't want to talk to people

Do whatever you need to do in order to kill those finals. Impulse buy a puppy, become strung-out on caffeine, and cry whenever and to whoever you need to. Ace those exams!


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Kaitlyn Beck
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