8 Tutorials on Making Selections in Photoshop

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Making selections is a skill that all would-be Photoshop experts must master. It’s also something that can be accomplished using many different tools and techniques. This post points you to some tutorials illustrating various ways to make selections in Photoshop. The tool or set of tools you use to make selections depends on the image you’re working with and what you want to accomplish. You can really open up creative avenues by being adept at lots of different selection techniques.  And remember, to get good at anything, you have to practice!

1) Select and Mask in Photoshop CC

This Fotolia tutorial takes advantage of the Select and mask button which came with Creative Cloud 2015.5. You’ll learn about the updated Refine Edge brush, and using the Onion Skin view to see through to the underlying layers. The author says that it took only 52 seconds to complete what was once an hour and a half process.

2) The Background Eraser Tool in Photoshop

This one is useful for separating the subject of a photo from its surroundings. This tool permanently deletes pixels, so it’s a good idea to make a copy of your Background layer before you start erasing.

3) Beginners Guide: How to Use Photoshop’s Selection Tools

Illustrator and designer, Jennifer Farley, discusses reasons for making selections and provides a nice overview of the PS selection tools.

4) Photoshop tutorial: How to use the new Select and Mask tools in Photoshop 2016

You’ll get a step-by-step lesson in using the new and improved Select and Mask tools in this tutorial from Digital Arts.

5) Ways to Make a Sky Selection Using Photoshop

You might want to enhance the sky in a photo by changing contrast, or color, or adding details. Learn the best ways to do it from this Digital Photography School tutorial. This one is in-depth and detailed.

6) Selections, Channels, Masks – Tools & Tips

This tutorial goes beyond the selection tools and explains using Color Range, Focus Range, Channels, and more. Try it when you’re ready for more advanced techniques.

7) Pen Tool Selection

To many designers, the Pen tool is the best way to go when making selections. This video tutorial from CtrlPaint shows you how to use it.

8) Making Selections with the Pen Tool in Photoshop

Here’s more on using the Pen tool for making selections. You’ll also learn a bit about how the Pen tool works in this tutorial.

Time to get started on those selections. Pick the advice from these resources that works best for you and check out IT Training’s workshops on Photoshop and other Creative Cloud applications. You can even download our materials and learn on your own.

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