6 Things You Didn’t Know Your Tuition Gets You

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I’ve almost completed my 4 years at Indiana University, and I realized there are so many people that didn’t realize the free things that they had to take advantage of. Your tuition gives you so many resources! And I’m not just talking about free t-shirts by Ballentine or free bus rides around campus–there’s more!!

  1. Movies

This is a multileveled freebee. There are movie rental locations in a few dorms around campus that allow to rent new, old, and amazing movies just like you would at redbox, except these ones are absolutely free. But, are you in the mood for something more romantic? Maybe a trip to the theatre? IU has got your back on this one, too! The IMU offers free movies nearly every weekend. And the movies are the newest and most popular, so I can guarantee that they will have something that you like! By the way, the snacks and popcorn are at a SUPER reduced price.

  1. Software

Heard of IUware? How about IUAnyWare? This is how you can get your software for free–simply by being an IU student! Please oh please, don’t go out and buy the whole Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, just claim your download on IUware.iu.edu. Check it out for yourself!

  1. Printing

Considering asking for a Printer as a gift? Don’t do it!! You don’t need a printer in your dorm when you attend IU because they offer printing all over campus for free! You get 650 pages a semester at no extra charge including some color prints.

  1. Technology Training

IT Training is free to all students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University. They offer training in all of that software that I mentioned in point number two that you can download for free. I love their classes because they can be taken in person or online, and they are super helpful and interactive.

  1. Comedy

There are a lot of student comedy groups, The Boy in The Bubble is my favorite, that perform frequently all over Bloomington. They do sketches and improv and all sorts of different forms of comedy shows at the IMU or The Comedy Attic, a comedy club in Bloomington.

  1. Counseling

I know that everyone feels stressed from time to time. I mean, come on, you’re in college!! Things get stressful and you need a way to talk it out, and that’s what the IU Health Center is there for. They offer one free counseling session per semester. And drastically reduced prices for everything else. Talking to someone about what you might be going through, no matter what it is, can always help. So take advantage of this one!

I hope you’ve learned about some new resources available to you “for free” (aka your tuition already paid for it). Take advantage of them before you graduate! And don’t miss out on everything available to you.

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Danyell Bailey
Danyell Bailey

Informatics 2016 // Social Media Marketing Consultant // MTCIU Vice President // Brainscape Ambassador // Blogger

Danyell is a senior Informatics major at Indiana University. She works for UITS in the IT Training Department as a Social Media Consultant. She is also involved as a Social Media Ambassador for IU, President of the Marketing Technology Club, a Brainscape Ambassador, and an all-around blogger. In her free time she enjoy writing for blogs. Besides WeAreIU, she has been featured in IT Training Tips Blog, The New Blak Blog, and of course, her personal blog (http://www.danyellbailey.com). In her spare time, she loves to read, walk her dogs, and design. To find out even more check out her LinkedIn > http://www.linkedin.com/in/danyellbailey

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