5 Tips for Surviving I-Core!!!

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If you are a Kelley student, you will hear that “I-Core is the most dreadful semester” in your four years here at IU. Unfortunately, as an I-Core survivor, I have to second that. I-Core is a stressful semester that every student at Kelley has to go through. You don’t have a choice! It is a difficult semester, mainly because Fall Semester is always a busy semester for Kelley students. With job fairs, interviews and extra-curricular activities, getting through I-Core becomes a nightmare. But don’t worry too much; there are always ways to TRY to make this semester better.

Don’t Cram!

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If you are anything like me, last minute cramming is your style of getting through college. But, trust me, this will not work for I-Core. With I-Core exams four days in a row, you have no time to even breathe, let alone cram a whole new subject into 24 hours. So plan out your semester to, preferably, try to keep up with everyday material. I know this might be a new concept to you, but trying to study each day’s material on the same day actually helps.

Find your Study Buddy!

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If you are the kind of person who enjoys studying alone, think twice about that strategy during I-Core. With four different subjects exploring a business from four different angles, having a study buddy might actually be helpful. Not everyone understands or is interested in every area of a business. Having a study buddy/buddies might actually help, as you will be able to learn from each other and benefit from each other’s strengths.

Drink your way through I-Core!

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Don’t be confused…I mean caffeinated drinks. By this point in college, many students live on caffeine to get through classes. However, if you aren’t used to caffeine yet, you better start drinking because guess what? Caffeine is going to be your best friend during I-Core. The number of caffeinated drinks a student consumes during I-Core would surprise you. Midterms and Finals week, specifically, are the most popular times where you will find a lot of I-Core students at Starbucks.

Thank the person who discovered the 26-minute power nap!

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The word “sleep” does not exist in your dictionary during I-Core, especially during exams and the case. With so much happening on campus and in Kelley, students tend to forget that sleep is a part of their schedule. If you are one those students, then power napping is your simple solution. As tempting as pulling all-nighters during exam week sounds, power naps might actually benefit you. Taking power naps as study breaks might increase your retention level, as well as help you stay awake during the exam. On the topic of taking naps, the 26-minute power nap actually works. As a very skeptical person myself, the 26-minute power nap proved beneficial. Try it sometime!

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No matter how much you work to get prepared for your exams, you are always going to be a little nervous. You will walk out of that exam hall so uncertain that you might think you failed it. But that’s not true – at least 99% of the time. After the exam, all you can do is hope. Hope for the best. Hope that you remember and that everything you studied is still fresh in your mind. And who knows? Those random answers you chose might be right after all.

I-Core is a journey on its own. Yes, it is difficult. And, yes, it might be your worst nightmare. But that I-Core survivor shirt at the end is totally worth it!

Pavithra Pradip

Resident Assistant

Moving from the Eastern to the Middle Eastern to the Western region now, IU has provided me with multiple opportunities to discover myself. I am a junior majoring in Finance and Tech. Management at the Kelley School of Business. Apart from academics, I am a Resident Assident as well as a Peer Coach and Peer Tutor at Kelley. I enjoy watching any series related to investigation and love henna tattoos. I know my life sounds boring but trust me bloomington keeps me way more active. The numerous events on campus, IMU late nights and my awesome friends here at IU is why you should be here too. Join me in my journey and experience IU as a Hoosier!

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