5 Simple Ways to Stay on Top of Your Schoolwork

The end of the semester is getting closer and closer, so staying organized with your schoolwork and deadlines is very important. Here are some easy ways to stay caught up instead of having to catch up.

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  1. Plan in advance

Plan out your weekly deadlines in advance. I always use Sunday or Monday to get organized. Seeing those deadlines and crossing them off your list helps you stay motivated and productive.

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  1. Stay productive outside of class and work

Use any down time you may have before, after, or between classes to work on assignments or other projects you may have. I think staying really productive while you are still at school or between classes keeps you from falling behind on assignments.

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  1. Relax

Use the weekdays as your key workdays so you can actually relax a little on the weekend and don’t have to cram all of your studying and assignments into your Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Find your go-to study spot

Find a place you actually like to study, whether it is at home, the library, or another building on campus. If you like being there, you will probably stay longer and get more work done. I have a place I go three or four times each week and that is where I get a huge portion of my homework completed.

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  1. Use the buddy system

Find a friend to go to the library with or just do homework with in general. You will feel more inclined to go to the library or finish up some difficult assignments when your friend is there doing the same thing. It is also a way to make schoolwork a little more fun, because you are both working on your own projects or homework at the same time.

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Ellie Easton
Ellie Easton


I am Ellie Easton, a senior in the Kelley School of Business. I am learning my way through the business world, eating my way through Bloomington, and making sure I write about as many of my experiences as I can. My goals are to travel, be a successful businesswoman, blog, make delicious sushi, and give back in as many ways I can.

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