5 Necessary Things To Do This Semester

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The beginning of a new semester holds the possibility of a fresh start with professors and new motivation for courses and studying.The Spring semester is the perfect chance to make some small changes that will have a lasting effect on your life throughout the semester. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel motivated, driven, and organized up until finals?

Here’s how to keep your motivation and organization for the full 16 weeks.

  1. Utilize your agenda. Invest in one if you haven’t or utilize it if you didn’t before. Agendas truly save your life. All of your obligations and reminders are right there waiting for you! Your brain can not remember every assignment, paper, and quiz you have; write it down.

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  1. Organize your desktop. Delete or combine old coursework into one folder and make room for the new. A clean, orderly desktop can go a long way when it comes to organization and preparedness.

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  1. Get to know your professors. Use this semester as a chance to meet the people you’re paying so much for an education. Don’t hide in the back and scurry out after lecture like you have in the past. Introduce yourself syllabus week to make a lasting impression. An impression that could influence your future curve. (wink, wink)


  1. Discover new study places. Avoid familiar study areas and branch out this semester. Sometimes studying in a new environment can give you new clarity and motivation. Stop studying in places you have bad memories, or PTFD. (Post Traumatic Finals Disorder) And stop studying in places you know you’ll get nothing accomplished (shout out to 4th floor).

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  1. Meet your classmates. Actually speak to the people sitting next to you for 16 weeks this semester. Not only can they help you with assignments and studying, they could even become a new study buddy or lunch friend. Meet your peers and make the course more enjoyable by having someone to talk to or complain about your professor with.


  1. Set daily reminder alarms. Set alarms everyday for 15 minute warnings before each class. This simple reminder can go a long way. It could save you from a mid-afternoon nap that lasted too long, or even remind you that you have somewhere to be if you’re cramming for an exam or in the zone at the library.

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  1. Go to class. Don’t skip class because you’re tired or wanting to hangout with your roommates. Odds are you’re probably going to need those two allowed absences for a sickness or random emergency. Don’t miss out on useful class time if you can help it.

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Use this semester to start fresh and stay on track! Make Spring 2016 your best semester

Kaitlyn Beck
Kaitlyn Beck
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