4 Secrets for a Stress-Free Finals Week

If you’re like me, you’ve just finished experiencing the Greatest College Weekend In America (aka Little 500), and had the time of your life. But now, you’re facing the daunting two weeks ahead: dead week and finals week. These next two weeks can feel extremely overwhelming, especially if you have 5 papers, 2 projects, and 3 finals in the span of 10 days. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here are some tips to help you succeed, relax, and have a great end to the semester (and a wonderful start to summer):

  1. Start Studying Early 

There’s nothing worse than cramming for all of your finals in such a short period of time. Dead week is called dead week for a reason. (Hopefully) your professors limit the amount of assignments they give out this week so you have as much time as possible to focus for that huge accounting final you have coming up. Although this may be a little extreme, I like to get started a week before my scheduled final date in order to budget time for all the other assignments I need to worry about.

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  1. Find A Good Spot To Study

There’s nothing better than a cute little corner of a coffee shop to motivate you to get your work done. Never underestimate the location of where you choose to study, because it matters. I don’t know about you, but I always tend to work harder sitting in a Starbucks rather than my closet-sized dorm room. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? Talk about de-stressing

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  1. Treat Yourself

Don’t spend every waking moment studying for finals this week – you’re gonna give yourself a headache. Instead, study for two hours, and take a break for 30 minutes. If you’re like me, you’re counting down until you can watch Netflix again, so you reward yourself with one episode of One Tree Hill. Any type of reward works, whether is spending time outside with friends, treating yourself with Baked, or taking cat-naps. As I mentioned before, dead week is designed to give you maximum studying time, and as long as you don’t procrastinate, you still have time to do other things!

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  1. Make Sure To Get Enough Sleep

There’s nothing worse than trying to study while running on minimal sleep. The only person who is going to lose in this situation is you – you’re going to be irritable, annoyed, and unmotivated. The time you spend sleeping is just as important as the time you spend studying, and your grades will only benefit from your rest. I promise, you will only be more stressed the less sleep you get!

Student sleeps in class 'Sleep now study later'

Remember – start studying early and don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Have a great dead week and great finals week!

Hannah Huston
Hannah Huston

English Major, class of 2020

Hi, I'm Hannah, an English major hailing from the great city of Fishers, Indiana. I'm very passionate about books, dogs, breakfast foods, my Faith, good smoothies, and the great people who occupy my small world. I believe strongly in the power of words, and hope to help others with my writing.

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