3 Advising Quick Tips

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Starting college is intense and can definitely be classified as an “experience.” Not only do you not know where your classes are, but how do you sign up for next semester’s courses? And then the semester after that?? How do you pick out classes??? Well, I am going to try to make your life a little less stressed.

1) Set up your advising appointment

Starting off, do you know who your advisor is? Have you met with your advisor? Whether you are in University Division or in a school already, you should schedule an appointment with your advisor as soon as you can. For students in University Division, you can make an appointment with any advisor in University Division, or you can schedule with the advisor they originally assigned to you. For students in a school, you should have gotten an email from your advisor. But if you haven’t, I would go ahead and make an appointment with any advisor in your department.

2) Find a time that fits your schedule

So how do you make an appointment? This one is easy. The website you use to schedule an appointment is https://one.iu.edu/task/iu/student-appointment-scheduler. Or you can go to One.IU and type “Student Appointment Scheduler” into the search bar. Click “Start”, schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor (or search for a new advisor), and then you are all set! Make sure the time you select is good for you. If you find out that you cannot make the appointment, you can reschedule/cancel it in the same place.

3) Explore your class options (Degree maps are your friend!)

Now you know how to find an advisor, but what classes should you take? For students who don’t know what they want to major in, try to take courses that interest you and take a variety of them. Sometimes exploring different classes can help you make that ultimate decision of “What do I want to do with my life?” For students that know their major, you can figure out what courses you need to take to fulfill your major by either meeting with an advisor (highly recommended) or by going to your iGPS PlanThis is where you can look up “degree maps” which tell you what you still need to take for your major, and you can schedule your classes here! It is a very handy tool if you do not feel like leaving the house just to schedule next semester’s courses.

I hope this helps you on your journey to getting that degree! Good luck, kiddos!

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