Why It’s Alright to Be Undecided

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The spring semester is coming to a close real quick. Students such as myself are preparing for graduation, others are preparing for the next school year, and future IU students are making the decision to attend this university to begin their college lives. So much is going to happen as seniors transition to graduate school or the workforce and as other students make some of the most important decisions of their academic careers to come. However, I am here to remind each and every one of us that being undecided is not a bad thing.

The word “undecided” when it comes to a college major is terrifying for some and a way to self-explore for others. As a freshman, I was not undecided and my set goals helped me find a purpose here at IU. Plenty of my friends were exploratory/undecided and I can see how it helps many. It is alright to be undecided and exploratory. It is alright to be a graduating student with no exact plan as to what happens after Saturday, May 5th. Up until two weeks ago, I was unsure of what was to come after graduation and then everything fell to place (Xavier University here I come). There should be no stigma surrounding not knowing what you want to do or study. Maybe after two years, there should be a general idea or maybe college just isn’t for that person. Either way, making decisions based on what your family/friends think or pressure you into studying or doing is not the way to go. Being undecided and exploratory is always a better choice for your happiness and well-being than that situation.

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I encourage everyone to at least take one class that would be considered outside of your comfort zone or set path. Many amazing things and people can come from those experiences. To attest to that, I would have never met some of my friends in the Russian department had I not taken SLAV-R224.

Be exploratory. Be undecided. Make decisions that will make you happy in the long run or help you reach your goals. Follow that passion. Never worry about making an academic decision right away, freshmen; you’ve got a few years to figure it all out. Check out IU’s website for information on majors/minors/degree/certificates. As for the future graduates of 2018, best of luck to us, right?

Bailey Tingley
Bailey Tingley

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