Who Else Wants to Take Awesome Courses That I Have Taken at IU ?

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Here at IU there a so many majors and with that comes abounding classes that students can take.  IU does a great come at setting up degrees so that you are able to take some classes in topics that you are interested in, but may not be in your major. My degree (Communication and Culture) is in the College of Arts and Sciences, so in addition to taking classes required for my major, I must also take English Composition, a Foreign Language, Social & Historical (S&H), Arts & Humanities (A&H), and Natural & Mathematical (N&M) classes, among other courses. This may seem complicated but if you look online or talk to an advisor, you can usually these requirements listed out with really helpful info.

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This is an image I borrowed from the College of Arts and Sciences website. It just illustrates the idea of having a well-rounded degree with lots of parts to it. The College of Arts and Sciences is just one example. The Business School, School of Informatics, and other individual school have their own requirements which may be different from this example.

Okay, on to the interesting part! Fun classes! Here is a brief list of some of the more interesting classes I have taken. I am currently a Junior so don’t think that I have only taken fun classes! Also, teachers for these classes may change semester to semester so it may not be the same as when I took the class. These are just my comments on my experience, but I hope that it inspires you to find classes that interest you and not be afraid to try something new.

The history of rock n' roll

  • History of Rock & Roll (MUS-Z201) –  This class was really interesting! My teacher was amazing! He also teaches a class on the Beatles so if you are interested in music this is a really cool class.
  • Topics Class – A Question of Love (COLL-E103) –  I found this class rather difficult as a freshman. There are other topics classes to take so I wish I would have taken an easier one but I really did learn a lot about Socrates, Plato, and other philosophical ideas. [side note on topics classes – my sister is taking a topics class about Zombies this semester, which sounds wayyyy cooler than this one was!]
  • Intro to Pop Culture (CMLT-C151) – This class was very interesting. It was focused on gender in our society. We watched movies like Into the Wild and Fight Club and also watched episodes of Sex and the City. It was really exciting to talk about current examples.
  • Introduction to Chess (COLL-C101) – Before this class I knew how to play chess, but we got to play every week so I had a chance to improve my skills and play with people at the same level as me.
  • Volleyball (HPER-E185) – Taking a HPER class is a great change compared to sitting in a lecture. We played volleyball for the whole class every time we met. We had to write one paper and our final was a mix of skills testing and rules.Indiana University seal
  • Traditions & Culture of IU (COLL-X112) – This class is only taught online, although I think it would be an amazing experience to actually have a lecture for it. I learned so much IU history and it is really cool to walk through campus and point out things I learned in that class to my friends and family.
  • Stress Prevention and Management (HPER-H180) In this class we went and did yoga, visited the art museum, and learned about stress management. It actually was really helpful! There are a lot of different teachers for this course and each one has his or her own way of teaching. My roommate too
  • k this class and got to play with the professor’s puppies!
  • Introduction to Informatics (INFO-I101) – Even though Informatics isn’t my major I really enjoyed learning more about technology and how it changes so fast today. I also learned a little bit of HTML and CSS which has been helpful! Also, Nina may be my favorite teacher I have had at IU!The Back Alley bowling
  • Bowling (HPER-E117) –  Very similar to volleyball. My teacher was the coach of the IU bowling team. He is so funny! He is also very passionate about bowling!
  • Wildflowers & Wild Edibles (HPER-R241) – This class was so much fun! We got to go to a camp about 30 minutes outside of Bloomington and actually use what we learned in class. Another fun part was an assignment where we had to make a recipe using a wild edible that was in season at the time. It was a lot of fun trying everyone’s dishes!
  • American Sign Language (SPHS-A100) – This is my first semester for Sign Language. I love it so far! My teacher is deaf, which made me nervous at first, but he makes learning really fun and simple! He is a great teacher and works hard to help the students understand.
  • Intro to Media (CMCL-C190) –  This is another class I am currently taking. We mainly look at film and TV and so far we have watched Psycho, Singing in the Rain, and some older silent films. We have a movie night once a week to watch the films then discuss them in our tri-weekly lectures.
Emily Sexson

Junior studying Communication & Culture

My name is Emily Sexson and I am on track to graduate in May 2014. My major is Communication & Culture with a minor in Psychology. I am the President of NSSLHA (National Student Speech, Lanugage, & Hearing Association). I love being a student at IU and living in Bloomington. Fun Fact: My parents were married at Beck Chapel on campus (near the Union and Ballentine Hall) over 20 years ago!

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