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Is it all over social media?

So, this lady woke up in the middle of the night after hearing a sweet voice calling her name, it was so pleasing that she had no option than to respond to the caller.

“It’s me,” the caller said. “You have always wanted to come to me, so why not now? This is what you wanted right? Come over.”

She kept moving closer. She opened the first door, then the second, then the third. She flipped the curtain to check if someone was outside, she saw no one, but heard the voice still calling her. She opened the last door, but quietly enough not to disturb anyone. Just when she was about to step outside of the house, another voice called her from behind. This second voice was not as pleasant and romantic as the one outside, now she was torn between the two. She finally took a bold step outside to meet the sweet romantic voice.

She went outside to meet this sweet voice, but it had stopped calling her. She looks back towards the door and all she sees is darkness, dark enough that she couldn’t see into the house.

Curiously she kept walking, casting brief looks and hoping to see or hear the voice again. As she walked on, she saw all the goodies she wished for herself: beautiful cars, beautiful houses, blurred faces of happy people and all sorts of people dressed up busily going to work. She began to wonder to herself, where am I, and who called me out here. Then all of a sudden everything disappeared, and the voice told her, “Everything you saw out here is for you depending on how you live your life. If you continue working hard, all your wishes will come true.”

“No one called you here, it’s your imagination, the voice you hear is the real you,” the caller said. “The not so pleasant voice you heard from behind you is the dark side of life. Don’t ever look back to that, all adversities in life are embedded in there, keep moving and make yourself happy. Always wake up with a smile on your face as that will also encourage others.”

With a lot of mixed feelings, this lady jumped from her bed only to realize it was a dream. Right away she started sharing on social media.

What the woman has actually done is draw all the scenes onto a picture board, and is sharing it on social media.

I am pretty sure if you are not friends with her, someone will tag you, or re-tweet this handle to you very soon.

So that sweet pleasing voice you hear from far away is deep inside you, it is the REAL YOU!!! Live it!!!

Nana Amoah

Associate Instructor

I am Nana Abena Amoah and a Graduate Student majoring in African American & African Diaspora Studies and minoring in African Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington. I am also a member of the International Student ambassadors. I am from Ghana, West Africa.