Phases You Have When School Semester Starts

Ever realize how college students typically experience a certain “emotional cycle” when coming back to school? Here are some phases that most students have when school semester starts:

    After long break, you must miss your college friends so much that you just can’t wait to be back! How exciting to be back to school!
  2. Realizing the school is actually starting
    After opening your luggage and organize your backpack, you are now overwhelmed by the fact the school is actually starting! You start to check all your class locations and syllabi and wonder if anyone you know is sharing a class with you or not. You are really back to school!

  1. “Should I drop this class?”
    After taking your first class, you start to wonder if this class is too difficult for you. To drop, or not to drop? That is the real question.

  1. “What other classes can I enroll?”
    After dropping your class, you start to wondering what other classes you can enroll! Oh! The last minute feel of getting a required 12 credit hours! You research all the classes that are still opened and not 8AMs and can fit into your schedule… You probably enrolled into “Intro to Yoga” or something.

  1. All about the struggles
    As you get into the semester, you get all the this work from out of nowhere. So you probably start questioning what is going on with your life? Why are you making yourself so busy? Why are you in college? What do you want with your life? What is life?

  1. “Should I really drop this class?
    After your mid-terms, you start to calculate your expected grade of the class to see you need withdraw from the course. You start to ask your academic advisors, your professors, your parents, and probably your puppy, Buddy.

  1. Oh! It’s actually not THAT bad!
    Then you get tiny breaks between here and there that help you breathe a little bit. You catch up with your own pace, you are starting to feel relaxed! You now have more confidence in life and your college choice.

  1. The Dark Age
    a.k.a The Dead Week. You are trying to save your grades and taking in all the information for the past couple months for your finals.

  1. BREAK!!!!!
    See? College isn’t that bad after all!
Juno Huang

Marketing, Business Analytics, and International Business. Class of 2018.