Minor, a potential road

A minor is a certification that needs fewer credits compared with a major. Some of my friends have more than one minor instead of double majors. I asked them for the reason because a major seems more competitive in the job market. They answered that they want to have much more possibilities of building the career. If they cannot find the job that fits their major, they might find other jobs linked to their second, third, even fourth minors.

Different from many students who chose their minors based on the job market, I chose my minor based on my interest. I like traveling a lot, and I believe visiting city and country museums are the best way to know about both the culture and the history. When I went to Italy, I had difficulties understanding and enjoying the Renaissance Art, which is the most important period of their art history. Therefore, I decided to choose an Art History as my minor. Many people told me that this minor may not be helpful if compared with minor in fields such as marketing or accounting; however, that did not stop me from choosing a less popular minor. I think Art History not only helps expand my knowledge, but will also help build a career. I proved this in the past few months.

I attended an exhibition opening and a conference about contemporary ink art during the weekend. This is my first “business” trip. As a Journalism student, who also know some knowledge about ink art, I got a chance to expressed my opinions about contemporary ink art through a media perspective. I met several talented artists, and scholars from Art Institue of Chicago. If I have never chosen Art History as my minor, this opportunity would not have come to me. I have been offered a job as media director in an art agency, which promotes young artists from Asia and provides different services for both collectors and artists. This agency was started by one my the students I met in one of my art history classes. Without the minor, I might not have gotten the job.

Artist and scholars sit together and discuss the potential of contemporary ink art
Artist and scholars sit together and discuss the potential of contemporary ink art

If you do not have enough elective credits left for a major, having several minors may be a good choice. Minor gives you one more choice. This choice will help you on the path to success.

Contemporary Ink Art by Chaohui Zhang
Contemporary Ink Art by Chaohui Zhang
Luyuan Li
Luyuan(Ruby) Li

Class of 2016

I'm a senior studying Journalism at Indiana University Bloomington. My minor and second concentration is Art History. I am originally come from Shenzhen, China, and came to America for high school when I was 17. I lived in St. Louis for four years and decided to transfer from Saint Louis University to IU as an International Transfer Student. I am a member of Internation Student Ambassadors.

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