I’ve come to some major realizations

Problem solved

As a rising sophomore, the burning question now becomes: what the hell am I going to major in?

I’ve been flipping between marketing and information systems, maybe even operations management and the co-major or technology management has always looked appealing.

Yes, if you are not familiar will Kelley majors those words may just look like a bunch of business jargon that make no sense. Yet no matter what school or are of study, many students suffer with the same dilemma, you are not alone. Those steadfast accounting majors from birth still give me the chills.

Realization 1: Before you decide what you want to major in, you need to decide what you want your future to look like.

This is undoubtedly the hardest realization I have come to. What I major in directly affects what my first job out of college is and what job that will lead to next. As an Information Systems major, I will lead a life in the technology sector with limited space for creativity. Yet on the flip side, I will have less security, but more room for creativity.

Before I choose what I want to major in, since I enjoy classes for both majors, I need to choose what I can see myself doing in ten years and being absolutely happy.

Realization 2: Majors do not determine your life.

This may contradict my first realization, yet it’s just as true. Whatever it says on my resume will not over power what I work towards and decide is my dream job. Growth continues after four years of business school and career paths change.

Do not be scared of choosing a major. Find classes you enjoy and follow that path.

Realization 3: There are soooooooooo many options.

The ten “o”s may have been over the top, but it makes a point.

IU is an ENORMOUS school. With so many different programs and possible majors, you truly have the freedom to major in whatever you want to. Even though I am in the Kelley School of Business, I plan on minoring in Studio Art through the Henry Redford Hope School of Fine Arts. With so many open doors, you can pair any two majors together, any minor and major, creating a truly unique degree.

For potential freshman, the plethora of options may be overwhelming, as they were for me. But two years later as I am thinking about future careers and a diploma in my hand, I am very thankful for all the opportunities that Indiana University holds and the freedom I have to choose the education I will receive.

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Paige Andrews