In’s and Out’s of the Media School

The media school

Overview of Media School

Many students come across the country to attend Indiana’s Media School, formally known as the Ernie Pyle Journalism School. The media school is combining the Ernie Pyle tradition and prestige, with the new forms of communication and media outlets. The Media School provides a wide range of degrees and specialties, covering all forms of communications. Degrees range from traditional journalism, broadcasting, media and creative advertising, reporting, game design, and many more. Aside from the majors students can obtain, specializations are also available. Journalism majors can earn specializations in many areas, like a specialization in public relations and advertising, like myself.

What to expect in classes 

Classes in the media school vary depending on major or specialization, but all share some certain characteristics. All media courses will require writing. Depending on the major, the writing requirements will vary, but for the most part all courses will put a big emphasis on creating good writing skills. Another big element to media school courses is reading. Whether it’s reporting, game design, or PR, reading will be crucial. Reading and learning the background of communications and the ever-changing industry is very prominent in course objectives. Another similarity between classes, however, is the lack of testing. Most courses don’t have regular exams. Midterms and finals usually entail final projects, papers, or presentations. Which is awesome for someone like me, who hates testing.

Skills developed 

The media school will spread you in a wide variety of directions, letting you gain experience in a diverse range of subject matter. I took a course called visual communications that required me to become skilled in various software and equipment. I learned how to operate cameras, video cameras, and many editing programs like Photoshop and InDesign. So if you’re interested in the media school, be prepared to take classes in which you aren’t familiar or comfortable with some material or tools.

Why IU’s Media School? 

Ernie Pyle Journalism School always had a prestigious reputation and has been labeled as one of the best Journalism programs in the nation. The media school will continue to follow this legacy, and exceed it in terms of well roundedness. One of the main reasons why the IU media school is so great is because of the alumni. IU alumni are incredible, and the media school alumni continue this reputation. Alumni range from E! news reporters, New York Times editors, Pulitzer Prize winners, and award-winning authors. The networking possibilities and opportunities in the media school are like no other, largely in part to our alumni.

If you’re contemplating earning a degree through the Media School, know that aside from obtaining an excellent education, you’ll gain experiences, form connections, and be presented opportunities that are simply incomparable.

Kaitlyn Beck
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