How To Use Student Center To Enroll In Classes

At the beginning of every semester, there is one thing we all need to do:

Click here for class registration

Yes, we need to enroll in classes. However, the class enrollment system is somewhat difficult to use. Let’s go over the entire class registration process so that you will not be confused when you use the system for first time.

Step 1: First you need to enter the Student Center to begin your enrollment.

Student Center

Step 2: After entering the Student Center, on the top left side, you will find a tap named enrollment dates. Here is where you will find your exact enrollment time.

On the top left hand side, you will find two tabs, enrollment shopping cart or search for classes. By clicking either tap you will enter a page that allows you to search for classes.

Searching for classes

Before searching for specific classes, you need to fill in the institution, term and course career information.

Step 3: Classes can be searched by course subject and course number. For course subject and number information you can go here.

Step 4: This screenshot demonstrates a typical class information card.

Basic accounting skills class

Class Number: An unique number that links back to this specific class and section.

Session: Indicates the length of the class.

Avail: Indicates the seats available to enroll.

Wait: Number of students in the wait list.

When you decide to enroll in this class, you can click select class bottom

WARNING: Classes appear in the enrollment shopping cart are NOT officially enrolled. Classes appear in the “My Fall/Spring/Summer XXXX Class Schedule” are officially enrolled. 

Step 5: If you want to add or drop a class, you need to go the class schedule and click the related taps.

My class schedule


  1. To identify whether a class is a IU general education class, you need to read carefully about the description in the class notes.
  2. Some classes have prerequisites, you cannot enroll in such classes unless you fulfill all the prerequisite requirements. Information also shows in the class notes.
  3. Take advantage of “drop if enroll” option for the classes in the wait list. By using “drop if enroll”, the system will automatically drop the class you put in that option once the wait list class is enrolled.

If you need additional information, here are some links that will be helpful.

Yaguang Wu

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International Student Ambassador

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