Fun Electives to Take at IU

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What do you like to do? And are you getting tired from all of the same old classes? We all need a way to cope with our stress, and we all have hobbies that we wish we could take a class on. Well, I have news for you.

College is about exploring and finding what you love. It can be stressful sometimes, but finding classes that are not only educational but entertaining could be the spoon of sugar you need to get through your week. There are classes offered at IU that your old high school probably never even thought of, so let’s explore!

Art Classes

To my art lovers, hey how are you doing? Are you interested in broadening your creative minds in order to take another step towards your artistic abilities? There are classes offered through the School of Art, Architecture and Design that have an array of arts you can choose from. Courses from photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, molding, and designing are listed through the school. If you want to see more classes from the SOAAD, then click here to see more!

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Music Classes

Now my music lovers: the Jacobs School of Music offers classes on music history, music genres, and even music lessons. Want to learn how to play the guitar? Take an Introduction to Guitar course! Do you really love electronic dance music? Great news! A new class that was introduced last spring will tell you all you need to know about the production of electronic music (MUS-Z 291). If you want to learn an instrument or hum a new tune, then check out the courses here!

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There’s a Class for That

Not everyone is into music and art. Some of you prefer math and science classes, and if that is you then great! IU has pretty much anything you can imagine and even has classes for people who like to exercise. Yoga, running, rock-climbing, and dance are all offered here and are open to take! Find what you love, and get an education while doing it.

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