5 Tips for Choosing the Best Classes for You

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Finding the classes that you need or want to take, making sure everything fits into your schedule, and making sure you are getting the credits you need are all really important when selecting your classes for each semester. It can be a little stressful, especially if classes fill up, but with a few tips and organization, the process can run a lot smoother. Here are my tips for choosing classes and setting up your class schedule to fit into your daily life.

  1.  Set up a meeting with your advisor.

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Some advising offices have drop-in hours that you can go to. If not, schedule an appointment to meet with them! This step is super important, even if you know exactly what you want to do. It is nice to have additional insight into what you should be taking, your progress towards graduation, and just overall experience in your classes and major thus far. Also, if you do not have a list of the classes required for your major, definitely ask for one to help you stay organized throughout the rest of your class selection process.

  1. Determine which classes you have to take next semester for your major or as a prerequisite to a class that follows.

Make those classes your first priority. You want to make sure all of the other classes, like the Gen Eds or other fun electives, fit in with those. You can always save the other classes for a different semester, and there are a lot more options for those types of classes!

  1. If you can, take classes within your major(s) that give you a well-rounded workload.

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By well-rounded I mean not taking all of the same type of classes. If you are a business major for example, take a speaking class, a more math-heavy class like accounting, an analytical class, etc. This allows you to focus more on those classes, and it’s less confusing than taking three finance classes and two economics classes, for example.

  1.  Choose class times that fit into your lifestyle.

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You cannot always control this, but it is helpful if you can. If you are a morning person, find earlier times for your classes. If you have a part-time job with morning hours, and you enjoy that schedule, try for later classes.

  1. Have back-up class ideas.

You may not get into your first choices for your classes, or the class you were on the waitlist for may be full, so having other options can make enrolling in a different class a lot easier. When choosing your top choices, pick a few others that meet your needed requirements and also fit into the times you are looking for. This can save you stress and time if you run into this situation.

  1. Pick classes you will enjoy.

Whether you’re fulfilling requirements for your major or taking fun electives on the side, it is important that you have fun in your classes. Find classes that will peak your interest and keep you engaged with the material.

Ellie Easton
Ellie Easton


I am Ellie Easton, a senior in the Kelley School of Business. I am learning my way through the business world, eating my way through Bloomington, and making sure I write about as many of my experiences as I can. My goals are to travel, be a successful businesswoman, blog, make delicious sushi, and give back in as many ways I can.

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